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Dana's Lowerarchy of Needs: A BLOG
Dana's Lowerarchy of Needs is Dana's next book. However, instead of being published as a traditional paperback book, "The Lowerarchy" is being published in BLOG format. This was the material is open to the publis during the writing process. Followers will have the unique opportunity to provide input in the form of comments.

Visit Dana's blog page:
Dana's Lowerarchy of Needs examines why we all do what we do. The premise being that EVERY single thing we do ... every action, decision, and even thought we have is based on some need. In "The Lowerarchy", Dana breaks down those needs into logical and practical categories, and examines them in detail. Examples are "Healthy Needs" vs "Unhealthy Needs", "Emotional Needs", "Needs/Wants", "Physical Needs", and "Social Needs". 
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 "…this groundbreaking book allows us to see that we are made up of actual software."
- Morgan O. Smith, co-writer of the critically acclaimed book, The God Behind The God

“Tom leads the reader right to the core of great questions.”

- Barnet Bain, director, Milton's Secret; author, The Book of Doing and Being.

“If you’ve ever used the computer as a metaphor, this book is for you!”
- Rev. Dr. Michael Lennox, author, Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting Any Dream

“This ground-breaking theory forces us to reframe long-held assumptions in theology,
genetics, brain science, human cognition and computer programming.”

- Dr. Jay Kumar, founder of the Applied Brain Science Research Institute

“Tom and this book's ability to bring such seemingly complex information into easily digestible
material makes it a powerful tool for all readers.”

- Mark DeNicola, wrirter and director, Collective Evolution

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