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Azure Reading Books (ARB) was formed in 2015 by Dana J Goulston.

When Dana was preparing to write his lastest book, he started searching for a publisher. This led him to an experience called "the rejection letter". Many publishers were not interested, some wanted a chunk of money up front, others had a plan where you could pick and choose features at varying prices, but most never took the time to even respond, so Dana looked into DIY (do it yourself) publishing. He discovered with his IT background, experience in word processing and knowledge of graphic design programs, that he was able to successfully design, format, copyright, print, market and sell his book.

As he talked about writing and self publishing his book, many people, friends, family strangers, said that they also had stories to tell.

Dana started thinking, why couldn't he do the same process for others?

The idea that he could help others get their story told or help a subject matter expert reach a bigger audience was quite appealing to him; it was then that he decided to form Azure Reading Books.

How he chose the name is another story. 

To be continued...
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