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If DNA is Software,
Who Wrote the Code?
The Profound Significance of
Life’s Programming Language
by Tom Bunzel

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What Others Are Saying...

 "…this groundbreaking book allows us to see that we are made up of actual software."
 - Morgan O. Smith, co-writer of the critically acclaimed book, The God Behind The God

“Tom leads the reader right to the core of great questions.”
 - Barnet Bain, director, Milton's Secret; author, The Book of Doing and Being.

“If you’ve ever used the computer as a metaphor, this book is for you!”
 - Rev. Dr. Michael Lennox, author, Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting Any Dream

“This ground-breaking theory forces us to reframe long-held assumptions in theology,
genetics, brain science, human cognition and computer programming.”
 - Dr. Jay Kumar, founder of the Applied Brain Science Research Institute

“Tom and this book's ability to bring such seemingly complex information into easily digestible
material makes it a powerful tool for all readers.”
 - Mark DeNicola, wrirter and director, Collective Evolution