If DNA is Software, Who Wrote The Code?
The Profound Significance of Life's Programming Language
​by Tom Bunzel
For a society addicted to computers – this is a very profound question,
Is software natural or artificial?

If you deeply understand what it means for life to operate with the precision and perfection of the software we have created in its image, it can open you up to a completely different view of nature and yourself.

We all use the precisely encoded instructions programmed by brilliant minds, and take it for granted – we simply call it “software.”

But now we have discovered that the same methods of processing information – programs and subroutines – instruct our bodies as DNA and in our brains as neural networks.

What might this suggest about the true nature of our being and reality itself – in contrast to the materialist scientific view that we are separate pieces of intelligent meat?

When the psychological “selves” that have crystallized as mental programs are seen through and decoded as programs, and nature itself is revealed as infinitely intelligent – what evolutionary lesson might be learned and absorbed?
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What Others Are Saying...

 "…this groundbreaking book allows us to see that we are made up of actual software."
 - Morgan O. Smith, co-writer of the critically acclaimed book, The God Behind The God

“Tom leads the reader right to the core of great questions.”
 - Barnet Bain, director, Milton's Secret; author, The Book of Doing and Being.

“If you’ve ever used the computer as a metaphor, this book is for you!”
 - Rev. Dr. Michael Lennox, author, Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting Any Dream

“This ground-breaking theory forces us to reframe long-held assumptions in theology,
genetics, brain science, human cognition and computer programming.”
 - Dr. Jay Kumar, founder of the Applied Brain Science Research Institute

“Tom and this book's ability to bring such seemingly complex information into easily digestible
material makes it a powerful tool for all readers.”
 - Mark DeNicola, wrirter and director, Collective Evolution